Intime Spedition speziell für Motorräder

Packaging for your motorcycle transport

Where can you find a suitable motorbike transport box?

Just talk to your local motorcycle dealer - they are often happy when the overpack of new vehicles can be disposed free of charge. Best try your luck at one of the dealers of Italian or Japanese manufacturers. Although many brands have already converted to returnable packing, you should give it a try! You will save hard cash if you keep your box as small as possible, e.g. by removing the front wheel.

Motorcycle transport box self-made box ready for shipment

Another option is a do-it-yourself construction of your box. You will find sample images of customers´ motorcycles in various sections. Their publication has kindly been allowed to us.

BMW motorcycle in transport box for international transport

Further package can be stowed unless hazardous substances according to aviation regulations are involved (e.g. batteries/accumulators, methylated spirits, motor oil, aerosols).

Our prices are calculated individually, so please inform us about length, width and height (please remove mirror!) as well as weight. Primarily, volume matters! The smaller the box, the cheaper the transportation costs!

Packing of a Harley - motorcycle in transport box

For some destinations, transport can be executed via so-called ro-ro vessels (roll-on/roll-off). In this case, there is no packaging required. For details, please see various destinations in the navigation bar.

Construction of a motorcycle packaging - motorcycle transport

Alternatively, packaging can take place via an enterprise in Hamburg determined by us. Please note that transportation costs are higher in this case, since – due to liability reasons - no parts of the motorcycle may be removed and thus the packaging will be more spacious.

Motorcycle box for motorbike transport