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Motorcycle Transports to Alaska

general Information


For transports to Alaska, the motorcycle must be packed in one case. Just talk to your local motorcycle dealer - they are often happy when the overpack of new vehicles can be disposed free of charge. Best try your luck at one of the dealers of Italian or Japanese manufacturers. Although many brands have already converted to returnable packing, you should give it a try! You will save hard cash if you keep your box as small as possible, e.g. by removing the front wheel.
Alternatively, packaging can take place via an enterprise in Hamburg determined by us. Please note that transportation costs are higher in this case, since – due to liability reasons - no parts of the motorcycle may be removed and thus the packaging will be more spacious.
Further package can be stowed unless hazardous substances according to aviation regulations are involved (e.g. batteries/accumulators, methylated spirits, motor oil, aerosols).
Our prices are calculated individually, so please inform us about length, width and height (please remove mirror!) as well as weight. Primarily, volume matters! The smaller the box, the cheaper the transportation costs!

Transport to Anchorage

Airfreight is the only way to transport your motorcycle to Alaska, since there are no ships going directly from Europe to Anchorage. The approximate duration of transport will be 5 days. It is possible to retrieve your ready packed transport box via truck featuring lift and pallet cart at your premises.

Return Transport

Due to a lack of infrastructure and missing return flight connections, we are only able to offer one-way transport. The American homeland security proscribes transport of private goods in passenger flights from the US. A return transport from the US, Canada or South America is possible. We are pleased to submit an individual offer. Please name a point of departure.

Motorcycle in transport box for motorbike transport to Alaska

At the destination

Takeover and customs clearance at the destination must be carried out by the client himself, relevant customs documents will be provided by us. From experience, customs clearance in Anchorage will approx. take 3 hours, duration of transport 1 week.


A so-called Carnet de Passage is not required in the US or Canada. However, an exemption must be applied at the EPA authority. We will provide you with necessary guidance and mandatory customs documents after conclusion of contract.
For a binding information concerning final import of vehicles, please be addressed to the automobile club or the customs authorities at the destination.

Contract and Payment

When you are ready to purchase, we will prepare a forwarding contract. Please return with your signature. Billing of transport will be effected close to collection/handing over of your motorcycle, we do not charge any deposit when the contract is concluded!

Transport Insurance

As an option, we offer a transport insurance against total loss and transport damage of your motorcycle. The premium amounts to 0.95% of the vehicle value, at least € 95.00. Paint damages and oxidation are excluded, vehicles older than 9 years are insurable against total loss only. Please note that additional luggage stowed in the transport box is uninsurable. We recommend to inform yourself about a traveller´s baggage insurance. In case of damage, it must be visible from outside. Retention comes to € 500.00 per claim.


The costs are based on the height of the transport box and account for approx. € 1,700.00 plus airport charges in the amount of approx. US$ 150.00 for a standard touring enduro in case of retrieval from diverse airports to Anchorage. The price is based on current fares and also includes present fuel and security charges as well as fees for dangerous goods besides German clearance charges. Please regard this as a rough price indication and inform us about your transport data for an exact calculation.

We hope this information has been helpful for you and we are looking forward to a feedback. Do you like to receive a detailed offer? Please inform us about measures of your box and your motorcycle as well as your planned travel time. We are pleased to submit an individual calculation free of charge.

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